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#uksnow: webscience weather watch

David presented a paper at AoIR in Gothenburg, Sweden, in October 2010 Abstract: This paper describes a mashup event in the UK in the exceptional Winter of 2008/09, involving crowd-sourced data using the microblogging...


Foucault, Exhibitionism and Voyeurism on ChatRoulette

David presented a paper at CATaC 2010, in Vancouver, Canada, entitled, ‘Foucault, Exhibitionism and Voyeurism on ChatRoulette’ in June 2010. The proceedings are here. Abstract: Sexuality, understood as a Foucauldian discourse that expresses itself...


Earlier Presentations

David began presenting at international conferences in 2005, shortly after gaining his first Lectureship, in the Information Systems Institute, and the Information Systems, Organisations and Society Research Centre, which he joined in 2004. Kreps, D...