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Keynote Speaker in Sri Lanka

In September 2017 David was one of the invited Keynote Speakers at NITC / SEARCC CONFERENCE 2017 Colombo, Sri Lanka, speaking on Digital Inclusion.   I am a person from David Kreps  


I am a Person

David presented at ETHICOMP 2017, in Turin, Italy, in June 2017. Abstract: This paper presents a conception of personhood as both physical and social, and both as radically contingent upon their respective physical and social...

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Reassessing the Nature of IS

David presented at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) ‘Digital Innovation at the Crossroads’ Dublin 11-14 December 2016, in the Methodological and Philosophical Foundations of IS Track. David was one of nine nominees...


Matter and Memory and Deep Learning

David presented a paper at the ‘Diagnoses of Matter and Memory: Bergson and the Problems of Brain, Time and Memory’ 8th International Colloquium of Project Bergson in Japan, in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, 10th-13th...


An encounter between Gramsci, Marx, Foucault and Bergson

David presented at the 2nd International Conference on Cultural Political Economy: Putting Culture in its Place in Political Economy, at the University of Bristol, Thursday, 25th August 2016. Abstract: Cultural Political Economy (CPE) as readily...


Durée Réelle : microphysical indetermination : creative emergence

David presented about his book, Bergson, Complexity and Creative Emergence, at the Deleuze Studies Conference 2016: Virtuality:Becoming:Life, Rome, Italy, 13/7/2016 Abstract: Durée Réelle : microphysical indetermination : creative emergence Bergson argues that measurable time is an...


KTP and RRI: The Perfect Match

David and his KTP associate Jessica Blaynee presented a paper at the ETHICOMP Conference, held at de Montfort University, in September 2015. Proceedings are here Papers are also available at the ACM Library Abstract:...


Gramsci and Foucault: Hegemony in the Global Episteme

David presented a paper at the Inaugural Conference on Cultural Political Economy in Lancaster, held by Bob Jessop – who wrote a review of Gramsci and Foucault: A Reassessment, for the back cover, and Ngai-Ling Sum,...


Performing the Discourse of Sexuality Online

David presented in a panel at MeCCSA 2015, at Northumbria University in Newcastle, in January 2015, with plenary speaker Prof Karen Boyle.  The Panel was titled:  “The Performance of Sexuality On-Line: Internet Pornography and Sexual...