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The core output of this British Academy Project will be a monograph, to be researched and written over the course of 2018-20, and due for publication in 2021.  I have already undertaken a good deal of research on Henri Bergson – see my first monograph, Bergson, Complexity and Creative Emergence – but was until 2018 only superficially acquainted with the work of Alfred North Whitehead.  The programme of work, therefore, included familiarising myself with Whitehead’s output, and making a comparison between his work, and that of Bergson’s.

  1. Introduction:
 An introductory outline of a proposed framework/approach to digital experience.
  2. Bergson:
 An outline of Bergson’s philosophy, the notion of the duree reelle and Bergson’s particular understanding of time.
  3. Whitehead:
 An outline of Whitehead’s philosophy, his concept of nature, and his approach to a non-bifurcated, process-relational Nature incorporating both physical and subjective realities.
  4. Bergson-Whitehead: A comparison between the approaches of the two philosophers/philosophies – where they overlap and strengthen one another, and where they differ, and a proposed framework for understanding digital events.
  5. Digital Events:
 An outline of the literature on digital events and experience, and why the proposed Bergson-Whitehead framework might offer a better understanding.
  6. Digital Experience: 
A write-up of the research programme undertaken as part of the Fellowship, with over 65s and under 25s, exploring approaches to digital experience, including methodologies, results, and findings.
  7. Conclusion: 
A suggested framework for applying a process philosophy approach to digital projects, for information systems academics and practitioners, and implications for how we might better understand the coming era in which deep learning and robotics underscore the ubiquity and pervasiveness of digital experience already apparent in 2018 in Western culture.
Northumberland National Park, NE England
Northumberland National Park, NE England