A home in the country

After many years of yearning, and 18 months of searching, we have finally found – and bought – a forever home, on the shores of Lough Corrib, on the eastern slopes of the Connemara, to the North West of Galway City.

Now the work of retrofitting it – to bring it up to a modern energy rating – and moulding its rooms, fixtures, fittings and decorations to our tastes, begins: a project that will take many years!  Bring it on!

Hope seeks a thread to cling to

Coda to Hope at Last

Sad to say, not just in the US, but, personified by the likes of Jair Bolsonaro, in Brazil, and Scott Morrison in Australia, climate change denial continues to defy the obvious.  Boris Johnson won a thumping majority to continue his  disregard for traditional British pragmatism and stability – and now takes charge of COP26. And today, the GOP displayed their utter corruption by acquitting Donald Trump, who will become the first impeached President to seek re-election.

The forces of reaction continue to be in the ascendant.