A moderate beginning the road back to radicalism?

What with :

  • the Tea-Party – the Taliban of the American Right – gaining power in the US Republican Party
  • the Tories finishing what Thatcher started, wearing a dapper LibDem hat to confuse us
  • Darth Ratzinger landing the Death Star on British Soil spitting hate at women and gays, with an army of paedo’s hidden in his skirts…

…it feels like the world is still going to pot since Bush stole the White House, despite the blip of hope when Obama got there to weather the wake…

We seem to be staring at least a decade of austerity and right wing rule in the face, and I have to say, I for one, with memories of my 80s radicalism stirring in my heart, am finding it increasingly necessary to ‘take sides’ in the debate – to radicalise my own thinking in the general drift toward polarisation: the usual effect of right wing rule.

As John le Carre put it, once the Cold War against the failings of Communism had been won it was time to focus on the failings of capitalism. Instead there are those who still believe they should be able to get away with being better off than everyone else at everyone else’s expense, and happily deploy the most insidious strategies to ensure we gleefully beg for them to take more. With bread (in the form of palatial supermarkets) and circuses (yes those theatres of dreams) our ‘owners’ marshal their populations carefully to avoid unrest, driving engines of mass slavery to keep us too occupied to realise who we are, let alone why on earth we are playing this deadly game for people we don’t even know…

I guess one outcome of becoming more radicalised by a political environment shifting to the right, is that I am likely to become more outspoken.

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