Anwar IbrahimPersonally I am proud to say I have been guilty of sodomy much of my life. Thank goodness I live in a country where it became legal, by the time I was 4 years old, albeit only for 21 yr olds; and although in my late teens and early 20s I was guilty of under-age sex with other 16-20yr olds, when the age of consent was finally equalised at 16 my sexual behaviour became not only legal but represented on telly in a sympathetic and even competition-winning manner (as opposed to wretched and probably dead by the end of the story). How awful that a ghastly despot in a far-flung country should be able to use a charge of ‘sodomy’ as a means of suppressing an opposition politician. It sounds like some Byzantine early Christian Roman Emperor arresting a bunch of Greek Philosophers. How grateful I am to live here, and not over there.

Anwar Ibrahim sodomy charge dismissed by Malaysian judge