Hope for the world….please!!!

Barack Obama
Obama wants an 80% cut in US greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. He
wants the US to lead the global effort to combat climate change. He
says he would invest $150bn over 10 years in clean energy.

Let us pray he manages to persuade the American people to vote for him.

Whatever else may be unsavoury about him, about US politics, about
liberal America in general, at least this man sounds like a decent step
in the right direction! If the election goes in the other direction,
the world will truly go to the dogs…..

Unfortunately, of course, US politics is so corrupt, it is very much touch and go. George Monbiot’s acerbic analysis of missle defence
is a good description of how things work over there, and I fear how the
election may go. It is truly unfortunate, and very difficult to even
contemplate, but the urgency of climate change suggests at times that
our democratic governance is failing us – that it is simply not up to
the job. The alternatives are unfortunately almost certainly no better.
There is much debate over large scale – even international – democracy, and in these days of public relations manipulation one needs a lot of hope that things will turn out right in the end.

Reflections on the Olympics

Beijing Olympics
Population of China :

The West?
Population of EU:491,018,677
South Africa-46,586,607

TOTAL: 978,920,463

in short-hand:
China : 1.3bn
The West: 0.9bn

Stats from http://www.geohive.com/

So, China outnumbers us.

So… why should we expect them to do anything but live up to the style
of personal one-to-one interaction that they understand? All they ask
is that we respect their cultural ‘thang’ about FACE. We (especially
Bush, have been blowing off in their FACE) and they are begging us,
‘don’t give us any more trouble – we are in China’.

But, on the other hand, the Last Great Police State, already
economically conquered, is finally beginning to waver politically in the
swirl of the information society. This is a phenomenon that knows no
geographical limits – and perhaps needs only to complete its global
ubiquitous-ness before it begins to expand its cloak of satellites
beyond the orbit of the earth and out into the inky blackness, perhaps
with a more culturally integrated voice… ..albeit that that cultural
integration may hide many unique flavours behind its standard salt &

It seems the choice for all of us has been made. Globally, we live in a
transnational capitalist economy, and pray that the survival of the
planet will be profitable. Global integrity sufficient to create a
globally interoperable ubiquitous computing environment will require
that we continue along cultural lines already in play for decades,
centuries, even millenia of tradition, as the legs upon which new heads
stand. On the other hand, large scale systems, after all, set
parameters for cultural expression and identity. So the truly
ubiquitous computing environment in which transnational capitalism can
maximise eCommerce will be both globally immersive, leaving no virtual
pioneering territory without flag or brand, and inclusive, ensuring soy
and ginger flavoured crisps, too…..

The Olympics brought the eye of global infotainment to China, and 1.1billion people will never be the same.