Children’s World

In the Summer term of 1988 I worked for Arabella Churchill’s Children’s World Charity in Somerset, as a Drama Team member, touring special needs schools all over Somerset, taking a new participatory story round the circuit each week. It was my first – and only – paid work as an actor.

I then worked on the annual fundraising Glastonbury Children’s Festival for the next few years.

In Spring 1991 I played Steele in the Children’s World Mixed Ability Drama Days Project, “The Colour Tribes“, for which I also composed a ballad. We were in character for five hours a day, nine days in a row, with only one hour scripted, and working with 60 children a day, of varied physical and mental ability.

I am pictured to the right, with Haggis McLeod on the unicycle,in the newspaper clipping for The Colour Tribes. And yes, the guy inside the Turtle at the 1991 Children’s Festival is me. *blush*