TC9 Jubilee Book published

“Current Directions in ICT and Society: 
IFIP TC9 50th Anniversary Anthology” was published today with (WG9.7 History of Computing Chair) Chris Leslie and David Kreps as Co-editors. 

In this book leaders of IFIP Technical Committee 9 contribute chapters explaining its history and goals. The book provides a useful guide to the development of research on ICT and society and points to important reference works, relevant themes, and likely trends.


  • Introduction
    Christopher Leslie, David Kreps
  • Toward an Ethical and Accountable Society
    Jani Koskinen, Anne-Marie Tuikka, Chris Zielinski, Kai Kimppa, Diane Whitehouse, Julie Cameron
  • A Common Ground for Developing a Global Conscience
    Don Gotterbarn
  • Past Practices, Current Debates and Disputes: Future Engagements and Opportunities Regarding Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development
    Robert M. Davison, Antonio Díaz Andrade, Arlene Bailey, Ephias Ruhode, Geoff Walsham, Jean-Paul van Belle et al.
  • From Technology and Virtuality to “Our Digital Lives”
    Petros Chamakiotis, Brad McKenna, Kathrin Bednar, Hameed Chughtai
  • The Future of the History of Computing
    Christopher Leslie
  • From Women to Gender and Diversity
    Sisse Finken, Christina Mörtberg
  • Rethinking the Role of ICT for Sustainable Development: From Incremental Improvements Towards Sustainable Societal Transformation
    Per Fors
  • Cyber, Disinformation and AI: Evolving Uses of ICT in Peace and Conflict
    Brett van Niekerk

Reference: Leslie, C., and Kreps, D., (Eds.) (2024) Current Directions in ICT and Society: 
IFIP TC9 50th Anniversary Anthology Cham, Switzerland: Springer International:


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