Men, Individualism and Process: A Pardoner’s Tale

In December 2020 David published a chapter exploring the insight process philosophy can bring to bear upon an understanding of the strain of methodological individualism, running from Hobbes to Nozick, at the heart of the hypermasculinity that many argue is the root cause of the climate crisis of the 21st century.  The book, Men, Masculinities, and Earth brings together authors concerned with the juncture of contemporary masculinities and ecological thought.  One of its two editors, Paul Pulé, first discovered David’s paper on Ecomasculinities during his PhD studies, and has been pursuing ecological masculinity as a research topic ever since. Putting together this anthology, it was a matter of some importance to him to ensure that I was invited, and able to contribute, a meaningful chapter to the book.  Paul’s enthusiastic and (friendly) critical editing required many rewrites but the finished article is well worth it.

Reference: Kreps, D., (2020) Men, Individualism and Process: A Pardoner’s Tale, in Paul Pulé and Martin Hultman (Eds.): Men, Masculinities, and Earth London: Palgrave.

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