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‘Infomateriality’ at EASST2018

EASTT logo‘Infomateriality’: Whitehead and Digital Experience amongst the Over 65s

by David Kreps and Jessica Muirhead
This first conference paper from the project will be presented at the forthcoming EAST2018 Conference, “MEETINGS – MAKING SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY TOGETHER”, in the panel on ‘Assembly, silence and dissent in the design and use of gerontechnologies‘.
Short abstract:
Older generations’ experience has been more visceral than today’s infoworld. Using Whitehead’s process philosophy, and findings from four-week diary studies with over65s and under25s, we consider modes of importance, expression and understanding to reconceive contemporary infomateriality.
Long abstract:
Baby boomers’, and older generations’ life experience has been more visceral than the disintermediated information world populated by agile young minds today. How do hands that have wielded industrial tools engage with the haptic gestures deployed with masterful finesse by those who grew up with a smartphone? What challenge do the invisible actants of the virtual present to those whose mastery was gained over a more mechanical world? What can we discern in the differences in self-concept between today’s over65s and under25s that are reflective of the technological revolution between?
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