Sean Bridges

In Summer 1990 I became coach and clown partner to 20 year old Sean Bridges, devising a street show with him to promote his bicycle freestyle and juggling talents. Called ‘Bimbo and Dipstick,’  we took the show to the Pump Rooms in Bath, to Covent Garden, the Edinburgh Fringe, and the Glasgow Streetbiz. We performed the show, whilst in Scotland, for the troupe of Circus Archaos, in their arena, late at night, and gained Sean a place. He joined the troupe in Bristol in September 1990.

In 1996 I made a website for him.

His new website can be found at

In 2018 he did an interview with Stories From the Pitch about his years as an internationally renowned street performer, and generously told the interviewer about his time in Edinburgh with me. You can listen to the interview here.