Board Member

Kaos Theatre UK Ltd.

From the founding of the Company in 1996, I was Chairman of Kaos Theatre UK Ltd. I witnessed the growth of Kaos from its first, short, small-scale tour, to its pinnacle as one of the select mid-scale companies regarded as a ‘national priority’, directly funded by the Arts Council of England, and frequently sent overseas by the British Council as an exemplar of British Theatre.

In my PhD, I included analysis of the Kaos Metropolis, a fantastic production of the famous 1926 film, in my exploration of the nature of cyborgism.

The Board of Kaos Theatre was fluid, and members came and went. At the last, in Spring 2008, during the ‘night of the long knives’ at the Arts Council of England when over 90 companies got the chop, Kaos was amongst them, and came to a close.

Of course the people who made Kaos Theatre Company really happen were Xavier Leret and his wife Sharon Schaffer, and the astonishing (and award-winning) ensemble. But that’s another story….

An archive of the website I built for the company in 2007 is included here.

Horse and Bamboo Theatre

It was with great pleasure, shortly after the demise of Kaos, that I accepted an invitation to join the board of Horse of Bamboo. In Autum 2009 I became Chairman for two years. We were fortunate in March 2011 to retain funding when more than 200 other companies lost theirs, as the company transitioned – successfully – from RFO to NPO status. My tenure on the Board finally came to an end in the Summer of 2017.

For details see Horse and Bamboo’s website