Ariadne Productions

My introduction to community based theatre came in Glastonbury, in the Victorian Assembly Rooms, where the local alternative population had spawned Ariadne Productions, who staged lavish, large-scale mystery plays harnessing the skills and talents of a great many people in the local alternative community. Kathy Jones, the writer and producer, met, and then promptly dreamt about me, and proceeded to write a Tibetan play based on those dreams, in which I was to act the central character – one quite true to myself in a strangely eerie way….

I played Lepchani, in Kathy Jones’ “Green Tara“, directed by Kathy Jones, in the Assembly Rooms, in the round, in December 1988.




In April 1989, (and again at the Glastonbury Festival in June 1989,) I played Arawn, Holly King of the Underworld, and Havgan, the Oak King of Summer, in Kathy Jone’s adaptation of the Celtic manuscript, the Mabinogion – “The Shining Ones“, in the Assembly Rooms, in the round.