“Understanding Digital Events” paperback 30%off

Understanding Digital Events: Bergson, Whitehead and the Experience of the Digital – the Collected Edition of chapters developed from the Colloquium on Digital Events of June 2018 – has now been published in paperback by Routledge. The book includes chapters by philosophers Mark Coeckelbergh on temporal structures in philosophy of science, Yasushi Hirai on Bergson, and Tina Rock on Whitehead. There is a recounting of several decades in spatio-temporal mapping by media guru Malcolm Garrett, a guide to the dark side of user experience design by industry experts Chris Bush and Elizabeth Buie, and an introduction to the ethical dimensions of exploring neuro-ICT from one of the information systems field’s great critical thinkers, Bernd Stahl. With an introduction by David Kreps and Jessica Muirhead, who worked on the project with David, and a final concluding chapter in which David discusses the implications of all this work for the notion of infomateriality, this collection makes a highly unusual, stimulating, and exciting foray into the possibilities for advanced information systems research.

Copies of the paperback are available direct from Routledge, from Waterstones, from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and from other good academic bookshops.


1. Introduction by David Kreps and Jessica Muirhead
2. Technology, Narrative, and Performance in the Social Theatre by Mark Coeckelbergh
3. Not Merely Physical by Malcolm Garrett
4. Event and Mind: An Expanded Bergsonian Perspective by Yasushi Hirai
5. From Darkness to Light: Design to Evoke the Unconscious by Chris Bush And Elizabeth Buie
6. Digital Events and the Ethics of Neuro-ICT by Bernd Stahl
7. Experiencing Reality Alive: Bergson and Whitehead on Engaged Experience by Tina Röck
8. Discussion and Conclusions for the Notion of Infomateriality by David Kreps

Kreps, D., (ed.) (2019) Understanding Digital Events: Bergson, Whitehead, and the Experience of the Digital. London: Routledge. ISBN 9780367670641

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