Special Issue of Information Technology for Development Call for Papers

ITD cover

In May 2024 David and colleagues from around the world launched a Call for Papers for a Special Issue of the journal Information Technology for Development, titled “Alternative Local[ised] Philosophies for Sustainability Transformation in ICT4D

This special issue aims to give voice to those whose philosophical perspectives are not well represented in the global norths, but whose views – including on the notions of ‘global norths’ and ‘global souths’ (Halvorsen & Zaragocin, 2021) and upon the contested nature of ‘transformation’ (Markus & Rowe 2023) – may improve our understanding through a more equal conversation. We understand transformation as a holistic paradigm shift in terms of ontology, epistemology, and practice, and much less as a prescribed, top-down, vision-driven organizational change style of transformation (Tana et al., 2023), all-too-often open to charges of (post)colonial influence.

See here for the full CfP


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