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In June 2018, David published, co-authored with Oliver Burmeister of Charles Sturt University, Australia, a paper in a Special Issue of the journal Ethics and Information Technology  on Value Sensitive Design, entitled ‘Power influences upon technology design for age-related cognitive decline using the VSD framework.’

Abstract: Implicit in the value sensitive design (VSD) approach is a concern for understanding, and where possible, disrupting problematic power relationships. Yet an awareness of the issues and ethics of power relations is a pre-requisite for such a concern to bear fruit. This article provides some insight into the issues, and through a case study of technology design to support care arrangements for age-related cognitive decline, illustrates how finding a satisfactory resolution can be particularly troublesome.

Ref: Burmeister, O.K. & Kreps, D. Ethics Inf Technol (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10676-018-9460-x

A full text-view only of this publication is available here.




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