Matter and Memory and Deep Learning

In November 2017, David’s paper, delivered in Japan in November 2016, and revised during the Spring of 2017 in response to the conference, and referring to some of the other papers delivered there, was published, in Japanese, as a chapter in a book in Japan (see the Project Bergson Japan website). This book is more than just the proceedings of the conference, as all the papers were revised following the conference, and a number of new pieces, in the form of discussant responses, also included in the book.


Kreps, D (2017) ‘Matter and Memory and Deep Learning’ in Yasushi Hirai, Hisashi Fujita, Shin Abiko (eds.) Berukuson Busshitsu to Kioku wo Shindan suru: Jikan Keiken no Tetsugaku, Ishiki no Kagaku, Bigaku, Rinrigaku eno Tenkai (Diagnoses of Bergson’s Matter and Memory: Developments Towards the Philosophy of Temporal Experience, Sciences of Consciousness, Aesthetics, and Ethics). Tokyo: Shoshi Shinsui pp196-225

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