#uksnow: webscience weather watch

aoirDavid presented a paper at AoIR in Gothenburg, Sweden, in October 2010

Abstract: This paper describes a mashup event in the UK in the exceptional Winter of 2008/09, involving crowd-sourced data using the microblogging service Twitter and Google maps to produce a real-time web-based digital map of snowfall across the UK. In analysing the #uksnow mashup, this paper proposes both a new definition of what might be called ‘Web 3.0’ and suggests an alternative means of theorising the phenomenon is required in order to properly understand it. We offer an account of the development of Orlikowski’s notion of sociomateriality, and then turn to a more poststructuralist approach, using the ideas of Karen Barad and Michel Foucault, to grasp the seamless indivisibility of what are otherwise conceived as social and technical components of the mashup event. Following Boland, we introduce the ideas of Henri Bergson to add depth to the understanding of the continuity of the event.


Kreps, D & Fletcher, G (2010) #uksnow: webscience weather watch. IR11 Gothenberg, Sweden

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