Against Nature – lauded in European Journal of Information Systems

In his special editorial for the Special Issue on Philosophy in Information Systems in the European Journal of Information Systems, one of the journal’s three co-editors, Frantz Rowe, has the following to say about this book:

“In his polemic “Against Nature”, Kreps (2018) brilliantly demonstrates how strongly IS research has been and still is influenced by a positivist view of the world, which insists on methodological individualism, and which “screens out the reality of subjective consciousness, pretends that the ‘rational agent user’ is an apolitical and atheoretical depiction of the human condition, rather than a specific tool of neoclassical economic theory and neoliberal politics” (p. 97), and negates the myriad relationships that exist in a world that is becoming. Instead, Kreps (2018) proposes to borrow from Bergson’s and Whitehead’s process-relational philosophy, from moral philosophy and from complexity theory, to claim that the libertarian argument for the neoliberal digital capitalist society runs counter to the reality of the natural world of which we are a part.”

Frantz Rowe (2018) Being critical is good, but better with philosophy! From digital transformation and values to the future of IS research, European Journal of Information Systems

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